online store


English version of the Palma website, which sells sportswear, such as PROSTO, Albania Gang. You will also find motorcycle clothing, winter wear, service items and all kinds of sportswear. The site acts as an online store for foreign customers.

The subject of the order was the website We focused on making the site functional, intuitive and easy to navigate. It was supposed to be friendly to customers in the age group of 14 - 40. We were aiming for a clear and easy-to-use site. The site was based on special software for online stores, giving you the ability to manage easily. The clear admin panel of the store gives you many interesting opportunities.


  • Website integration with software for online stores
  • Implementation of the online store
  • Adapting the site to full responsiveness
  • Site optimization for positioning
  • Create a product search engine
  • Create a contact form
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