PZ Trener


The website for personal trainer and instructor of recreation. Paweł Zarzecki develops his passion everyday at Club Sportera in Łódź. He is a supporter of healthy eating and active lifestyle. In his work he puts on conscientiousness and consis

The subject of the order was preparation of the project and execution of the website www.pztrener.pl. Our client cared for the minimalism of the website. It was supposed to be clear and easy to encourage interaction with its owner. In the end, we got a clear and easy-to-use business card page. In addition, the website is enriched with a blog with many valuable articles for people interested in sports and healthy eating.

The business card page is based on CMS, so our customer can edit the content on the website. Its integrated blog is just as easy to navigate and hooked up to the main site.


  • Website integration with CMS
  • Adapting the site to full responsiveness
  • Website optimization for positioning
  • Blog implementation
  • Website integration with social media

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